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SweetMail - SweetMail Reader - Quick View Mail

20 April 2009, 11:28 PM
SweetMail quick read has been sent out using the new coding allow quicker load and then once you click around within SweetMail once loaded the response is instant. Using quick method to switch between windows and new browser sliding methods. Due to reduced functionally on the Lock Screen SweetMail use's it own stroller and popup system gives it a sleek style straight from your iPhone without even having to Slide to Unlock.

SweetMail Reader is current at version 0.4 and is in Beta so there are some issue that need to be ironed out. Also within the update a Process named 'LogSafe' has been put it and it recognizes incoming data say if you we're to enter "gmail" it would then be able to produce the settings so you don't have to fiddle around with loads of weird mail server entries.

Any questions about SweetMail or SweetMail Reader please contact me via a support link

Quick FAQ

Do I have to download anything?
No this update is sent out from our end and is working now. Just click a mail to open it.

At the bottom of the email is shows a SWID?
This stands for SweetMail ID this is just used to control the popup and stroller within SweetMail Reader

What the defence between SweetMail and SweetMail Reader?
SweetMail is the application which stands at Stable Version 1.2 and SweetMail Reader is an add-on which displays the mail which stands at Beta Version 0.4

Turn SweetMail Reader off?
No need. It will only work if you click on an email so if just browse your home screen every now and again. SweetMail Reader will just not do anything. When is SweetMail Reader Stable expected?
Within the next couple of weeks.