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PushMod - Turn anymail into a Push mailbox

15 April 2009, 14:35 PM
I've submitted an mod to Modmyi which should be around on Cydia very shortly and this will be a very good mod for some. 

I done this cause im so annoyed with Apple - I purchased my iPhone think push create just connect up to my personal IMAP mail server and working - Only to find only Yahoo! and MobileMe from Apple support it :(

I then looked into a bit and created a Mod which ive submitted to Cydia so you can turn any mailbox into a push mailbox - GMail, Personal Mail Server or any other server.

Remember when your iPhone is in standby it will use the Cellular Network Data so make sure you on an Unlimited Plan other wise you be losing all your Bandwidth to your mail client. 

Also i was amazed on how little battery was used it only used 2% of battery every 30 minutes in standby