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Control Panel : Crash on Open Bug

22 November 2009, 10:36 PM
Information on the Control Panel crash on open bug is outlined here. I have simulated the crash finally and seem to have found the issue however its not a fixed issue.
1.0 - Crashes on Start up 1.0.1 - Opens but does not work
Issue outlined  Issue is found when the user has port 2083 or 2082 redirected or either one of the other is down. Our system can use both as backends if one fails it goes to the other however. If they are redirected then our system fails. We still have to work on a fix for this issue and is open going. Remember all our Control Panel range is going though a "cut the crap" stage which also improves the speed of the apps. The apps are being cut right down to the core and uses the only resources which are required to ensure speed.