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Activation Platform : How it works

18 October 2009, 12:33 AM
How my Activation Platform works and why it cannot be broken. 
On the client side upon the first open they will connect with server and receive a 0 then go to activation stage them complete the payment and return where the device is activated then there UDID and unique changeable key is send to the registered server and updated. You now have access to the application.
Upon access the application again it goes straight in to the application upon notice that the device UDID state is registered. However the red rings show that these stages could easily be broken to allow then application to open without fail which would mean access to the application. However yes you have access to the application but are blocked from the server.

Upon opening on the application a new 32 charter key is generated and updated to the server via your UDID. This key is processed by the server so it will check the remote database for a 1 or 0 once it goes to the server and check this is where your hack would break as it would require for the server to 1 to then generate you a new access key. So if there server shows as 0 and the client side shows as 1 you will not be generated a key meaning that the application would just open and work however data saving and input fields within the application would not process and to process they require the generated access key which is unique every time.
 Access inside the Secure Access Layer (Orange Box) requires matching UDID, matching generated key and a value of 1. Any data inside the orange box means it checks this data every time so the if 1 statement process by the check is run inside the Secure Access Layer.