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LockMail Release - Notes & Help

16 October 2009, 4:29 PM
LockMail Release LockMail has been released in Cydia. You can get access to the application. Below are notes and help on using LockMail. Beta Notice: The Beta repo is still available at development for this product continues and will not stop.  Connection Guidance [qtitle]Google Mail[/qtitle][q]Server: gmail User: Pass: [/q] [qtitle]Yahoo Mail[/qtitle][q]Server: yahoo User: Pass: [/q] [qtitle]MobileMe (Formally .Me)[/qtitle][q]Server: mobileme User: (Username only) Pass: [/q] [qtitle]Windows Live[/qtitle][q]Server: live User: (, Pass: [/q]   Weather Connection If you in the US you can enter your ZIP code if you in the UK you can enter your postal code Example US: 00000 (65945) UK: AA11AA (IP39EH) Other: City,Country (London,UK)