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Fully function comments arrive at the blog

14 October 2009, 11:04 PM
For a long time now i've been 50/50 about putting comments on my blog to i open it for people to comment or do i keep it shut so only i can comment. 

For a trial time i've built a comment system and im going to allow the users to leave comments if the system becomes useless or covered with Spam then i will just close comments off. 

At the moment the comment system will require a security check to make sure your a human or a computer.

User comments will be posted in light grey and the Admins / Mods comments will be posted in light yellow. Remember anyone can use the same name but only comments in light yellow are my Admins / Mods.

The blog uses Ajax live posting to send comments to the database as this is a trail its beta process and i've quickly put it together to you may find some bugs if you do then you can leave a comment :) or email me.